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We love our Prince (aka “Maximo”) so much. He has such a wonderful temperament and is doing great with his crate and potty training. We start obedience classes next week and already know he is going to do great!

Steph L



IMG_6735 (2).png
  • Sam did great!!! He went to bed at 12. He whined  for about 15 mins when I put him in his crate at 7 PM to put the kids down. He whined for the same amount of time when we left him in the kitchen in his crate when we went to bed. He passed out after the 15 mins and snored. I set my alarm to take him out at 3 AM. He went potty, then slept until 5:30 AM, when Tom took him out. I won’t do the 3 AM all the time. I just felt like he was out of sorts from his home schedule with you and it couldn’t hurt! He’s only had one accident in the house. (He only has the run of our kitchen, which is all tile and large. I gated the whole room off for him. He’s been doing awesome with the crate. You guys are amazing! He reminds me of Lily. He’s quiet and sweet. He goes to the vet on Friday.

       Jamie G

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