8 Puppies:  Born - August 16, 2020 

Shimmer, the Mom, is a purebred English Cream Golden Retriever.  She has an amazing pedigree with Dew Mist Silk Screen as a Great Grandfather.  (Dew Mist Silk Screen was the International CH World Winner in 2009  and 2011.  (Click here for details)   Shimmer's coat is a beautiful shimmering white, she is very athletic and loves to play fetch and swim.  Most times when you see her she has a ball in her mouth just hoping you will take a minute to play with her.  She is a wonderful Mother, very patient and loving.  This will be her second litter.

Fiero, the Dad, is a 55 lb AKC registered standard apricot poodle.  When we first started talking about doing a litter of Goldendoodles, our friend Jenica's, Fiero was the first poodle to come to mind.  You could not ask for a friendlier or more loving guy, he is quiet and reserved, but looks for any opportunity to snuggle up to you.  He also loves to sit and observe what's going on around him with his front feet crossed contently in front of him.  His personality matched Shimmers so nicely that I knew it would be an awesome match.

Both Shimmer and Fiero have wonderful qualities and together their puppies will be amazing!!  We have a few openings, if you are interested in getting on our list for this litter go to our contact page and lets talk!

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At this time we are taking deposits and have two slots open, if you are interested, fill out the survey on our contact page.