Today may be the day for Chloe

Today is Chloe's due date. I worried about how she would settle in, she is the first in our foster program; however, her foster family has done a fantastic job of socializing her. She seemed ready for any change. She settled in and is calmly waiting in her birthing box, I think she will make a wonderful Mom. Shimmer and Siri looked up when she first arrived then continued nursing, accepting her into their "domain." We have never had three litters simultaneously, so we are looking forward to a few hectic weeks.

Although Chloe's due date is today, we expect her puppies on Saturday. A dog's normal gestation is between 58 to 68 days, today is Chloe's 64th day. We have noticed in prior years when our girls are due in the hot summer, they birth a little later. We took her to the vet last week, and he said all looks good, so we are looking for an uneventful birth.

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