Tiny Puddles feeding adventure

Shimmer had one puppy that we were a little concerned about because she was a bit smaller than the others and would get pushed aside by the other seven puppies. My daughters named her Tiny Puddle. (featured in the blog post called Day five) Everyone chipped in to help. Kierstyn fed her bottles; Brittany kept the other puppies busy, while Tiny Puddle nursed alone with Shimmer and Siri (our other English Golden Retriever Mother) filled in as a wet nurse. Tiny Puddles is still a little smaller than the rest of the crew, but we are thrilled to announce she now weighs over a pound!

Siri's litter accepting Tiny Puddle and making room for her to nurse with them. Siri had 6 puppies so there was extra milk and room for Tiny Puddles

Shimmer having alone time with Tiny Puddle while the rest of her puppies napped. Usually if a puppy is fed by another dog it is rejected by it's Mom but not Shimmer, when we put the puppy back with her she was happy to have her back.

Check back, soon we will start posting individual pictures of the puppies.

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