Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Siri has six brilliant puppies! Most of them have figured out where the bathroom is and are using it! We do not free-feed them; we have found that feeding them three times a day, and Mom's milk works best for us.

At this time, both Siri and the puppies are eating Royal Canin Mothers and Babies food with a sprinkle of NuVet powder vitamins on top. The puppies love it, but what a mess they make! After they eat, they go over to the bathroom area and do their business.

We still like to weigh the puppies to make sure all are gaining. A fact of life is puppies have worms. At four days old, we de-worm the Moms, which passes to the babies. We then de-worm the puppies directly at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks. Before pick-up, we send a fecal sample to the vet to make sure they are clear before going home. We give our dogs Interceptor Plus for heartworm. It's a monthly pill that keeps them free; I would talk to your vet about it; he may suggest another way.

Siri is so patient and loving with her puppies.

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