Shimmers Golden-doodles at four weeks

My apologies for not posting last week. I had some minor surgery that felt like it was MAJOR! I will try to do better from here on out.

Shimmers puppies are four weeks old; the time has flown. They are adorable. Shimmer keeps a watchful eye on them but wants nothing to do with nursing them; she knows they are growing up.

We feed the puppies four times a day; we plan is to discontinue their 10 pm feeding at seven weeks. Last week we moved them from the pool to a whelping box. We split the area into three areas. One for sleeping, one for playing and one for a bathroom. We also started potty training them and it is going very well. Their sleeping area stays clean and dry, and they are using the bathroom area regularly to poop; it takes a little longer to teach them where to empty their bladder, but I am confident it will happen this week.

The puppies love our little grand-kids and our grand-kids love the puppies! We think its important for the puppies to be comfortable with small children (supervised)

And now an update on Tiny Puddle...

Siri loves to nurse, Shimmer not so much, so Siri became the surrogate for Tiny Puddles. Tiny Puddle is eating food with the rest of the puppies, but we felt she could use a little boost. She received a clean bill of health from the vet, so we know nothing is wrong with her. She is so tiny, soft and her personality is so sweet! It is important for a puppy to spend time with their litter-mates but its hard for us not to spend hours just holding her.

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