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Puppy Toy Warning

Updated: Mar 3

This post is a warning for all puppy owners. Stuffed toys are dangerous if you have a puppy or a dog that loves to chew (Golden Retrievers). My neighbor bought this adorable plush teddy bear for her dog Jack. He usually hangs out with her so she keeps a good eye on him (she works from home) Jack loved that bear until he decided to sneak it outside (oh yes, this Jack is a sneaky one) and eat it. In the past he has ripped a few toys apart but never has he eaten them.

Later that day he seemed "off" and would not eat his dinner. By the next morning she realized that it was an emergency and rushed him to the vet. He had an obstruction in his bowel and needed emergency surgery. If not for the surgery he would have died. The vet told her that at least once a week someone brings their dog in for a foreign body obstruction. $4,000 dollars later Jack was fine but my neighbor learned a hard lesson and now sticks to Kongs or other heavy duty type toys. Another thing to remember...if your dog is too quiet they are usually up to something!

Last of all if you suspect your puppy has eaten a toy, watch for these signs.

  • Not eating his food

  • Vomiting

  • Lethargic

Bring him to your vet asap, don't wait to see if he passes it, you only have about four days before it is too late.

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