Picking out the right puppy for your family

Next week Siri's puppies will be six weeks old. We are currently setting up appointments, either in person or on face time, for you new owners to pick out your puppy. Corona is going to make this process tricky. If its a sunny day, we will try to do everything outside. Otherwise, we will provide masks, gloves, and booties if needed.

I found this website titled Choosing the Right Puppy from a Litter that I thought would be useful.

Our puppies will be going to the vet the day they turn six weeks for a well-baby checkup and their first shots. Now is the time for you to find a vet that you feel comfortable with and set up an appointment for your puppy's second set of 5-way-shots; they will need these at nine weeks and again at twelve weeks. Please do not take your puppy to a dog park before receiving all three sets of shots; you do not want to lose your puppy to Parvo or any other diseases the shots immunize against.

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