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Music for dogs

A long time ago (I have been breeding dogs for 20 plus years) when I first started playing music for our dogs my family thought I was nuts. Since then they have seen what it does and everyone is on board. Whenever we are facing a stressful situation with the dogs or just need some downtime, we play music. The music has to be classical or soft rock to calm the dogs down, something like heavy metal music just makes them nervous.

Relax my dog ( is my go to music now. Its music is made just for calming dogs. Relax my dog has 15 hours of free music on or you can get a subscription on their website for music and dog TV. I don't know much about the company except that our dogs like them. They have enough variety that I can play something different all the time and the dogs don't tune it out because its the same thing over and over. Try it, your dogs will love you for it.

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