Lumpy, Bumpy Bedding

It's hard to believe its day seven already, I was comparing pictures from a few days ago, and am amazed at how much they have grown. The puppies are very content, just eating and napping. They like to cuddle together two by two; it is so cute, they look like little pigs

You may have noticed that the puppy's bedding looks lumpy and uncomfortable. The lumpy mess is intentional. The lumps and bumps help the puppies get a grip when they wiggle around. Puppies can get Swimmer's Syndrome from laying on a hard surface. When a puppy comes down with Swimmers, their legs go out like a turtle, and their chest becomes flat; they can't walk. It takes hours of therapy to fix the problem. Many years ago, I was told I could circumvent this by putting a blanket over other blankets that were messed up. This forces the puppies to use their back muscles when they wiggle around the lumps, and the problem is avoided! At three weeks, when the puppies can walk, this is no longer necessary.


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