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How we prepare Mom's for puppies

Updated: Feb 21

Our puppies health is our biggest concern. We start before birth by giving the best nutrition to our Moms. When our daughter was in Vet school she was introduced to Royal Canin and was blown away by the amount of research they invest to meet the needs and the lasting benefits of a good dog food. We immediately switched.

When our Moms go into heat we feed them Royal Canin - HT 42 which is designed to give proper nutrition to puppies just forming. At day 43 we change the Mom's food again to Royal Canin -Maxi Starter Mother and Baby. This supports the needed nutrition through birth to about 6 weeks. At 3-4 weeks we begin to wean the puppies and also feed them the Maxi Starter Mother and Baby dog food. To prepare them to go to their forever homes we switch them to Royal Canin puppy food. They should be on puppy food until 15 months.

We could feed them cheap dog food and no one would be the wiser but we want our puppies to have long happy lives, free from preventable illnesses.

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