Getting Ready for Puppies!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Such an exciting occasion! Siri's puppies are due to arrive as early as August 5th or as late as August 10th. We picked a date in the middle as her due date, which is August 8th. Time will tell how good our guess is. Today we are assembling the birthing box. We like to set it up early, which gives Siri time to nest and become comfortable with her temporary quarters. We enclose the nesting box with a playpen, not to confine Siri but to keep her curious Golden friends out. I fear the kitchen (their favorite hangout) will have to be out of bounds for the next few weeks; otherwise, the girls love to perch in the box and pretend the litter is theirs. One time we had two litters, and both Mothers took turns feeding the other Mother's puppies. The puppies get so much love! Once they are old enough to play, the other Golden's act like their babysitters. I will try to update and post pictures daily once the puppies are born.

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