Eating real food

A few days ago, Siri's puppies climbed out of their birthing box and started eating Siri's food. We figured they were telling us it was time to start puppy mush. Today we offered them some, and they loved it!

Now that the puppies are walking, they can explore and play with toys. We have divided their birthing area into three areas: a sleeping area, an eating/playing area, and a bathroom area. This will teach the puppies early bathroom skills; puppies do not eliminate where they eat or sleep. In the bathroom area, we have a small rimmed box that we fill with horse pellet bedding. It absorbs and also eliminates the smell. For the first week, this area will be next to where they sleep; once the puppies realize what to do there, we will move it to the far corner. The puppies catch on fast and should be able to make potty training a breeze.

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