Day 5 in the life of Shimmer's Goldendoodles

Rest is over for these pups, and its time to start their Early Neurological Stimulation. What this does is introduce them to mild stress in a controlled way. Research shows it improves the development of the puppy's immune system, cardiovascular system, and stress tolerance. You will be thankful your puppy went through this. It sounds harder than it is, takes less than 30 seconds per puppy per day and is worth more in the development of the puppy than you can imagine. The window of opportunity is day four - day sixteen.

Baby puppies must be watched closely for weight changes. In this litter, one was a little smaller than the others, which were big bruisers! (when they were born some of them were the same size as the four-day-old puppies in Siri's litter) This little girl was being pushed around when she was trying to nurse, so to the vet we went. He pronounced her healthy and advised us to supplement her feedings until she gets better at pushing her way in. It's been fun, like having a newborn! We say we are not partial, but there is always one puppy that is a little harder to part with than the others.

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