Day 5

Today I noticed that Siri is leaving the puppies on their own more. The cage we put around the nesting box is big enough for her to get out of the box and move around. As soon as the puppies are asleep, she lays outside the box on the cold tile floor. All that it takes is one little puppy squeak, and she is back in the box, positioning them and seeing to their every need.

I also noticed that the puppies are continually wagging their tags when they nurse. I have been breeding puppies for twenty plus years and have never seen any of our other puppies do it. (The truth is now my kids are grown and 6 are out of the house, I find I have time on my hands and see a lot of things I never saw before) Someone told me that they wag their tails as a sign to their Mother that they are not getting enough milk. Of course, this worried me. I researched it and found that it means the opposite, their tummies are full, and they are content. So happy puppies, happy Mom!

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