Chloe's Boys

Chloe's boys are going to be big, smart, and handsome! They managed to move their blanket and clear a small spot to sleep on the cool tile. Tugging on the blanket must have worn them out.

I have tried numerous times this week to get them to eat food, but they ignore it. Chloe's milk is keeping them full, and she still wants to be with them 24/7. Many times by week three, the Mom's are over it and want to be with the big dogs.

We did make some fantastic strides this week. We took them out of the pool and introduced them to the three area method. We take their area, divide it into three parts, one for sleeping with soft blankets, another for eating and playing, and one for the bathroom. The bathroom area is a large tray filled with horse pellets, like a litter box. The idea is, no one wants to eat and sleep where they poop. (This will also help you with potty training. Most people who adopt our puppies commented on how easy it was to transition them to going outside.) A day later, some of them were using the litter box! We are on our way to no MESS!

(full disclaimer- I took this picture when I set up for Siri's litter, it looks the same)

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