Bath time

Today is bath time. Siri cleans her puppies for the first few weeks, but since they are now eating food, she only cleans them occasionally; it's not enough. We train them to potty in the litter box; however, it's a messy process before they catch on.

They loved their bath! Some fell asleep in the sink, others while I was drying them. They are so sweet! (Delmar's loved getting blow-dried except for her face. Not wanting to push her too far I left it a little wet).

Oh, as you can see, potty training is not as easy as it sounds. Some of the puppies have decided to sleep in the tray, but give them a little time, and you will be amazed when you see them use it.

The stuffed sloth is all the puppies favorite toy. Stormy cuddle up to it and fall asleep.

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