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Am I Ready For A Puppy?

Updated: Mar 2

I have created a list of things you can honestly ask yourself to help you decide if a puppy is the best choice at this time.

Will I have had time for a puppy?

  • A puppy needs quality time spent with their families daily.

Am I willing to arrange my schedule, to include my puppy?

  • Nothing is sadder than a forgotten puppy, left in a cage by themselves all day without exercise and attention.

Am I willing to make a lifelong commitment?

  • Nothing is guaranteed permanent and I get that things happen which we can't control but when you sign the contract with your breeder you are taking on a life long commitment. To the puppy you will become its entire life, all he/she will want to do is please you. How unfair it would be if six months down the road you no longer want him, treat him like a pest and give him back. The breeder will find another home for him but he will never forget you, you are the most important person in his life.

Can I afford a puppy?

  • According to the AKC, it costs approximately $3,085 for the first year of a puppies life. This amount includes food, preventable medicine, toys, and vet bills (one sickness per year). It does not include daycare or a dog walker.

Do you realize that a full nights sleep maybe is something of the past?

Puppies do not normally come potty trained. Are you prepared for messes?

BUT... Are you ready for unconditional love? someone greeting you at the door delighted to see you? Someone to cuddle up to on lonely days? Someone to encourage you to go for a walk? A dog will give you just that, a lifelong friend and forever companion.

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