Almost three weeks

I apologize for the missing posts; I had some minor surgery last week that still feels major.

The puppies are nineteen days old and adorable! They are BIG boys! Their eyes are open, they are walking around, and I think they are almost ready for real food.

Chloe is a great Mom, very protective of her boys. I had to hang a sheet around her area to help her relax; otherwise, she sits and watches the neighboring puppies who like to escape from their playpen and try to break into her area.

We are finished with the Early Neurological Stimulation (only helpful

until day 16) and now just cuddle the puppies and enjoy them!

What Chloe does is split the litter into groups and while one group nurses the other group naps. She then puts this group to sleep, goes to the other side of the box turns over and nurses the other two.

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