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A Little Bit About Pristine Goldens

We have three Moms that live with us. Lailah, Lily and Diva. All are Golden Retrievers with champion roots back to Poland, Ukraine and Russia. They are white with blocky heads and have adorable caring personalities. We feel like they are the best of the best. We also have "the boy that lives next door", Olivier. Olivier lives with our daughter and his best friends, Casiel (13 years old, our first Golden) and Stormy (a bouncy two year old) see them on instagram (agoldencrew). Our instagram is PristineGoldens.

We try to do everything in our power to produce puppies that are healthy with great temperaments. We breed out PR1, PR2 (eye problems), and ICH (skin problems) and also have the parents tested for heart, eyes, hips and elbows.

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