We       Our Golden Girls!


Lailah is a spoiled sweetie!  Her parents are Majik and Katie.

Lailah is expecting her second litter in November 2021

This video shows the heart of Lailah.  Lailah will not leave the water until Chris, our son with an intellectual disability, is safe on the shore.

Shimmer of Pristine Goldens
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Shimmer has a fantastic pedigree with Dew Mist Silk Screen as a Great Grandfather. (Dew Mist Silk Screen was the International CH World Winner in 2009 and 2011. (Click here for details) Shimmer's coat is a beautiful shimmering white, she is very athletic and loves to play fetch and swim. Most times, when you see her, she has a ball in her mouth, just hoping you will take a minute to play with her. She is a wonderful Mother, very patient, and loving. 


Lily was two in June 2021. She is our little darling, loves to be outside, and spends her days playing with anyone that will play with her. She has past all of her clearances and is expecting her first litter in March 2022.

Lily has a fantastic pedigree, with all the beautiful golden traits. 

Ella is expecting her second litter late March 2022. 

Ella is a sweet loving girl that rather spend her time with her "human" family then with the other dogs.

chole head shot 400x449.jpg
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Chloe is Ivory and Newman's daughter.  She has multi championships in her background.  

Chloe is very smart, sweet, a wonderful companion and a pleasure to have around.

Chloe will have her second litter early 2022


Chloe is in our foster program and is thriving!

(Click here for Chloe's scrapbook)

Our Retirees