We Love Our Golden Boys


We got a call from an organization in North Carolina looking for a dog to use as a service dog.  This organization had a disable teenage client that needed assistance going from a sitting to a standing position. Newman was the perfect fit. It was hard to give him up; however, we were happy that in his retirement, he would not only be loved but have a purpose.


Majik is a loving boy with a fantastic disposition. Born in Finland, he moved to a family in Ukraine and began his career as a show dog. He is a beautiful Golden Retriever; with a beautiful blocky head and a soft creamy white thick coat. He was championed (see awards) in Moldova and then joined our family in the United States. We are so happy to welcome him into our home.

We tested Majik's DNA for nine breed-relevant genetic problems; all were negative. (Click here for full report) A puppy will come down with one of these conditions only if both parents carry a recessive gene; therefore, none of Majik's puppies will experience these issues.



 Olivier is the newest addition to our home.  He is a big boy and still growing.  All the girls love playing with him, you rarely see him without a ball in his mouth and he constantly nudges you to take him outside to play. He was born in Finland where they were grooming him for the show ring but Covid stepped in cancelling everything.  We feel very fortunate to have him and hope to bring him into the show ring.

Our Retirees