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Featuring...   Noel (Almost 6 months)


I am completely litter trained and am transitioning to outdoor bathroom breaks.  I do very well, they put a bell on the door which they help me ring when they take me out. 

I go to bed at 10:00 pm and wake up my humans at 7:00 am so they can take me outside.  I love my crate and never mess it, I like it clean and dry.  I listen to Relax My Dog on youtube, it helps me go to sleep. 


I had my rabies and all my other shots too; the vet say I am up to date on everything!  


Currently I am teaching my humans basic commands, sit, come, down so they know what I want.  I am awesome on the leash!


I like ...
Playing with kids                     
Taking walks with my friends
f chilling.jpg
Just Chilling Out
Below is a picture of my sibblings before they went to their forever homes
So many toys to chews from!
A puppy elf ??
lily pup6.jpg
If I only had a red nose!
Bah Humbug
This bag is mine!
October 30, 2022 - 3 girls, 5 boys
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