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Our Foster Program

Pristine Golden's main priority is our dogs. We would love to keep all of them in our home, but there is just not enough time in the day to give them the individual attention, care, and training that they need. 

Three years ago, we decided to try a foster program with one of our puppies. This has proven to work for us, and we are looking to do it again.  

We are looking for a foster home that will provide love, everyday care, and a safe environment. It has to be a reasonable distance from our house so we can mentor if any problems arise. 

The requirements for a foster home:

  1.  The dog can never become overweight 

  2. The dog must be exercised daily 

  3. Never tied or put on a chain,

  4. It must reside with the family and never be left alone outside. 

  5. She must be kept intact. 

  6. We must receive a report for all vet visits.

If we see that she is not getting the care listed above, we will have the right to remove her from the foster home.


At two years old, we will have the Vet x-ray her for hip and elbow dysplasia. She will get a heart workup by a veterinary cardiologist and have her eyes tested by an ophthalmologist. (All her DNA testing for genetic diseases will be done at six weeks) If everything looks good and we like her temperament, we will breed her to the male whose DNA compliments hers.

This process will happen for three breeding's, after which the dog will belong to the foster family. There is no charge for the puppy except for day-to-day living expenses.​

Contact us to register your interest in this program.

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