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Featuring Chester

Meet Chester, he was born November 12, 2022 and is currently nine months old.  Chester began his training when he was four days old, using the Early Neurological Stimulation method developed by the US military for their working dogs. We continued his training, and he is now potty trained, can walk on a leash, stopping to sit when you stop.  He also knows his name and will come when called, off leash.  He is a beautiful dog, with a big blocky head and a wonderful disposition.  We feel that we have brough Chester as far as we can and now it is time to bond with a forever family.

Some of Chesters accomplishments:

  • Sleeps in a crate up to 8-10 hours without potty break.

  • Holds his potty 5 hours during the day.

  • Alerts us when he has to go potty.

  • Walks well on leash.

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Leave it.

  • Responds to come.

  • does not jump on people.

  • Great with kids

  • Raised in our kitchen with our family.

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